MedHacks 2.0

Ready to change the future of healthcare?

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What if the most creative minds channeled their focus into solving the most impactful problems of today? Imagine if we could apply the ingenuity that powers the most profound technology into the most fundamental of all human concerns: health. MedHacks is the start. Join us for our medical hackathon at the world’s pinnacle of medical care - Johns Hopkins University.

Hackers across all disciplines, skill levels, and locations will unite to meet with the experts in every part of the medical field here at Johns Hopkins to develop their solutions to healthcare problems across the globe. For 36 hours, these hackers and doctors will bring their ideas to fruition. At the end of the event, they will have the opportunity to present their solutions to the judges and the world.

What is a Medical Hackathon?

Drawing on the popular concept of hackathons being held around the world, we are challenging innovators to design solutions to the most pressing medical issues of our day within 36 hours. MedHackers will work (and play) in interdisciplinary teams over the weekend, utilizing the unique skillset of each team member to build the best solution to a critical medical problem. Along the way, hackers will learn together, design together, eat together, and code together before presenting their finished product (together) to a panel of judges.

But I know nothing about health/coding?!

If you don't know about health or engineering, don’t worry - learning is a huge part of the MedHacks experience! We will have workshops on all subjects and mentors to answer questions and help out teams. Come with an open mind, you'll work with a great team, learn a lot, and most importantly, have fun.

How will I get there?

MedHacks is able to offer a limited number of travel grants for participants coming from outside the Baltimore Metropolitan area. If you are in need of assistance in attending MedHacks, and live outside the Baltimore area, please send an email to

I'm not a student, can I still get involved?

Of course! We are looking for talented and qualified mentors, speakers, and sponsors in tech, entrepreneurship, medicine, and their intersection. We're always looking for new people to get involved, so shoot us an email at and we'll be in touch.

Who can participate?

Any student, anywhere. Anyone can make an impact - hackthons produce "hackers", not the other way around. Students - both at the undergraduate and graduate level - with engineering, medical, and entrepreneurial backgrounds are encouraged to apply for a spot at MedHacks 2015.